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Playing Clash Of Clans on Your Macbook


For those who play clash of clans, there will be time when your iPad, Android Tablet, or even your smartphone not available for you to use (when your wife or your child may dominate those gadget). This guide is the perfect solution for that condition when the only available gadget is your macbook. So let’s begin with the ingredients, these are the things you need to prepare:

  1. Macbook Pro, mine is 13inch Mid 2012 with ram upgraded to 8 GB.
  2. Download and instal Genymotion emulator,so far this is the best android emulator for OSX, you can get it from the official site (www.genymotion.com) by register and go to download section, i use the free version genymotion-2.2.0.
  3. Download and instal Virtual Box, you can get it from here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

Once you download and instal genymotion, run it and login with your user that you create for downloading the app from genymotion site.

genymotion create virtual device
genymotion home screen

Add new virtual device by clicking the + Icon, and i recommend you choose Sony Experia Z – 4.3 – API 18 – 1080×1920. After you chose, download will begin, wait until it finish.

When it finish, try to run the virtual device, boot and android text will appear, once ready android home screen will appear. This android virtual device don’t have access to playstore (yet :D).

We have to instal the google app (gapps) by flashing to the virtual device. This is the important part, before installing gapps, there is a file that we need to instal first, this most important file is ARM Translation, if you instal the gapps without this file, you’ll get error message “your device isn’t compatible with this version” when downloading the Clash of Clan from playstore.

To get the ARM Translation and the compatible Gapps, go to this XDA post:
Download the Google Apps for Android 4.3 on the post above or try this direct link:
Arm Translation mirror link on my dropbox: https://db.tt/SiwqPxUS

So now you have these 2 files:

To instal arm translation and gapps,run your sony experia z image from genymotion, when the android finish booting, simply drag and drop the zip file to the virtual device window with this sequence:

  1. Arm Translation zip file.
  2. restart the virtual device (simply by closing genymotion window)
  3. run the virtual device again
  4. drag and drop the gapps zip file
  5. restart again

After all that installation, login with your go0gle account and there will be no problem downloading Clash of Clan from playstore, this is screenshot from my mac playing clash of clan with no issues.

clash of clans on macbook
clash of clans on macbook


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